Curriculum Overview

Attitude Adjustment

Shifting language is a good first step to adjusting attitudes. Language that encourages hope, strength and confidence will aid in re-evaluating the participants self-worth.


There lies a disheartening reality that many of today’s youth have ineffective communication and presentations skills. The Etiquette Classes will introduce the participants to speaking and listening skills, poise, respectful attire, assertiveness and learning to disagree without being disagreeable.

Real Wrap

Uninformed sexual curiosity has spawned an epidemic that is impacting the world; teen pregnancy. Real Wrap sessions will empower youth to “wrap it up”, discuss ways to resist pressures, avoid risky situations, establish positive decision making, and understand that abstinence is a safe and healthy decision.

Discovering You

These life classes focus on unleashing the power within each participant. Through thought provoking & probing questions, the participants will meet -for the first time- themselves.

High on Life

Urban youth are attracted to the usage of drugs and alcohol for many different reasons, but the negative effects are all the same. These dynamic sessions will focus on empowering youth to be high on life instead of drugs.

Peace Flow

Youth violence is an issue of growing global concern. The outbreak of teen violence is prevalent in schools, communities, interactive media, and homes. Peace flow sessions foster skills to aid the teens in managing anger.

Higher Learning

Youth stifle their academic career based on the false notions that they can’t afford to attend college and that they are not smart enough. These sessions are designed to instill a strong desire to attend college.


Attitude Adjustment

Through in-depth anger management workshops, discussions, and presentations; the participants will understand the value of positive, affirmative and progressive communication.

College/University Acceptance

Through various partnerships, the participants will be exposed to colleges, universities, Greek letter organizations, alumni and financial planning counselors who will increase the participants’ interest in higher learning.

Academic Improvement & Graduation

Underperforming participants’ grades should increase by 20%.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

While improving the participants’ self-worth and cultural awareness, the program is designed to develop the participants’ willingness to avoid teen pregnancy.

Community Advocacy

The participants will have an eager desire to be a voice for the voiceless and empower others to “H.O.P.E.” again. The participants will initiate campaigns that will promote peace, justice and community transformation.

Health & Fitness Awareness: The program is designed to enable the youth to strive for a lifetime of healthy and active living.