Executive Team


Janiqua Codrington, Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Director of Dear Sisters Girls Group , was raised in Abraham Lincoln Houses, where she saw, lived and experienced the good, bad and ugly life of Harlem, New York. However, she developed a passion for urban youth and desired to teach them a better way. She used her real life experiences and education to creatively capture the attention of urban youth and spent 4 years serving youth with New York City Mission Society and 5 years serving youth at First Corinthian Baptist Church. Janiqua received a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University with a concentration in Marketing and is a graduate of New York Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity.

Jonnel Green, Founder & Executive Director, was born and raised in the notorious St. Nicholas Houses located in Harlem, New York. Having a hard time adapting to middle school and always finding trouble in high school, he eventually dropped out in the 10th grade and began to crave the street life. However, the 1998 passing of his grandmother, Harriet Duke, changed his perspective on life. He vowed to pursue the impossible. Jonnel began to write music as source of healing. Realizing that he had a gift for writing he became interested in higher education. Jonnel obtained his GED and with the help of a close friend, was accepted to Lincoln University where he majored in mass media for 4 years. Jonnel’s trendsetting events, radio shows and “swag”, landed him the name YOUNG HARLEM. After college Jonnel interned and worked for several record labels. Though he touched the rim of the entertainment industry, he remained committed to helping children who had similar childhood struggles as him. In 2008, Jonnel started Young Harlem, Inc. In 2010, he founded Extreme Dreamers, Inc., a Multimedia brand that empowers you through Music, Literature, Film and Fashion. Additionally, Jonnel is in the process of writing his first novel, Young Harlem: A Diary of a Dreamer. Jonnel believes “In life you will have ups and downs, but never give up. You must Dream to the Extreme!” Through his most recent “leap of faith”, Jonnel currently attends New York Theological Seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity.