Dear Sisters Girls Group

Dear Sisters Girls Group works to build Social Responsibility, Ethical Standards,Professional Awareness and Leadership among young sisters. Through innovative and age appropriate conversations and activities, we help girls discover their unique skills, passions, and inner beauty from which we work to aid them in magnifying their greatest desires. For more information email

Dear Sisters Girls Group Discussions include


  • Social Responsibility
    • Women who made a Difference!
    • Just Decisions
    • Volunteer Day
  • Ethical Standards
    • Girl Talk
    • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    • Promiscuity
    • Positive Decision Making
    • Sex Education
    • Human Trafficking
    • Aids/HIV
    • Self-care
  • Professional Awareness
    • Resume Writing
    • Interview Skills
    • Dressing for Success
    • Having the Right Attitude
    • Getting Your Money Straight… Before college